Friday, September 18, 2009

Declaration of the Day

I think there is a battle going on in the universe.  A battle for our very lives.  Our soul.  Satan is the ruler of this age.  Ultimately , God is in control. However, he has given me free will.  Well, today I choose LIFE.  I feel a battle raging...  I have to declare to the principalities and powers of this age that; according to Isaiah 12:2-6
  God is now my salvation; I will truat and not dread; For Jah Jehovah is my strength and song.  And He has become my salvation. Therefore, I will draw water with rejoicing from the springs of salvation. And I will say in that day, give thanks to Jehovah; call upon His name! Make His deeds known among the peoples; Remind them that His name is exalted.  Sing psalms to Jehovah, for He has done something majestic! Let it be made known in all the earth! Cry out and give a ringing shout, O inhabitant of Zion, for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Stealing My Joy

ok,  so now is the time I get to put into action my faith.  Slow computers, broken dishwasher, phones batteries (notice the plural) dying, no cell phone service at the house, printer died 2 weeks ago, garage refrigerator took up the ghost last night: taking along with it --5 lbs of ground beef, 4 steaks, one pot roast, and numerous ice pops.  The lawn needs mowing, the fence needs fixing, the new kitty is creating havic wherever he can. I can say more, but I fear I would be too exposed.

 These are the "cares of this world"....  praise the Lord, all these things are temporary.  I declare that my hope, my future, my goals are not of this world.  My view is for eternity.
             And I can go to the altar of God. To God, my exceeding joy; And I will praise You with the             harp, O God, my God (Psm 43:4). 
      As a result of these concerns I choose to go to the altar and identify with Him.  I consent to Him directing my ways. He knows my needs.  His need, however is to work Himself into me as my life and my everything so that I can take Him as my person, live Him and express Him.  That is the desire of God's heart and the focal point of the bible.  I chose to keep my Joy inspite of all these worldly worries.  Amen

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Enjoying the Lord

Well, I just returned from a conference in Jax, Florida.  The conference was on The Living of a Believer Who Enjoys the Lord in the Body of Christ for the Fulfillment of God's Eternal Purpose.   Wow,  what a title.  How to even explain all that was contained in these messages is beyond my ability.  For now, I am going to share where I am in reviewing what I heard and learned. 
  I heard that God has a purpose.  There is a reason we were born/created.  He wants us,  a group of individuals who form the body of Christ to enjoy Him.  He created us with a need for pleasure.  God Himself has a need for pleasure.  His pleasure is to dispense Himself into us.  When we allow Christ to be dispensed into us and for His life to spread through us, we are pleasing to Him.  When I turn to the Lord and call on His name,  I open to His dispensing and I can enjoy Him.  The first phrase I am musing on is this:  the secret to the Christian life is how much we enjoy God. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Simple Practices

Daily I work at touching my spirit.  Some days are harder than other days.  Although the practice is simple, sometimes the practice is not easy.   The practice of touching the Holy Spirit by my spirit is simple because it only takes my mouth to call on the name of the Lord.  Like, as in...  "O Lord Jesus".  If  I say this, I am beginning to open my being to the Lord and looking to touch the person of Jesus.  However,  I must admit that the simple idea of calling on the name of the Lord,  does not come so easily some times.  There are other things that I might find my mouth doing i.e.  complaining, yelling, explaining, rationalizing, venting, and of course eating.  I desire to "call" more and do those other practices less.  Lord, help me to remember you more, so I can call on you and cast my cares and concerns to you.