Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Simple Practices

Daily I work at touching my spirit.  Some days are harder than other days.  Although the practice is simple, sometimes the practice is not easy.   The practice of touching the Holy Spirit by my spirit is simple because it only takes my mouth to call on the name of the Lord.  Like, as in...  "O Lord Jesus".  If  I say this, I am beginning to open my being to the Lord and looking to touch the person of Jesus.  However,  I must admit that the simple idea of calling on the name of the Lord,  does not come so easily some times.  There are other things that I might find my mouth doing i.e.  complaining, yelling, explaining, rationalizing, venting, and of course eating.  I desire to "call" more and do those other practices less.  Lord, help me to remember you more, so I can call on you and cast my cares and concerns to you. 

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